Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Turn, turn, turn

Baby Boy ate dinner for the first time in 2 days last night. His favorite... Annie's White Cheddar Shells.

And, then he fell asleep on the couch. He kept coughing.... So I sent Jeff to the all-night pharmacy at 11:30pm for some cough medicine. He called me because they didn't have the Vick's 44E Pediatric Formula. Something about taking it off the market for some bad ingredient. Yeah, well, great! Dr. Sears, you really need to update your medication recommendations, then! I went over the list of active ingredients, and after he talked to the pharmacist, he got something else.
Jeff returns with the Walgreens brand of Robitussin DM.

First of all, the frickin' thing comes with a dosage CUP. AARG! I don't have a med-dropper... cause you know, the kid's never been sick. So, I winged it, and measured it into the cup, then used the dropper that came with the Infant's Tylenol instead. The cough syrup is a lot thinner than Tylenol, so it just ran right out the dropper, onto the floor. AARG, again! So, Travis awakens, kicking, screaming, freaked out, and still coughing... while I'm trying to give him this stuff.

Finally I am able to get a small amount of medicine in, after he spits out most of it. Still, screaming, and flipping out. Then it happens. He wretches, and hurls. You haven't lived, I tell you, until your toddler barfs Annie's White Cheddar Shells all over you, and into your cupped hand.

You also haven't lived until you have to get yourself and the most PISSED OFF TODDLER ON THE PLANET into the shower at midnight. Yeah, our neighbors love us, I'm sure!

Anyway, after we decontaminated, he nursed, and fell back asleep. Yay!

Although, early (6:00am) he started flailing around our bed, restlessly. So, we set up camp in the living room.... he's snoozing on the inflatable toddler bed right now.
At least he's comfortable, for the moment.
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