Wednesday, August 09, 2006


I took Travis to the Pediatrician this afternoon.... just to be sure he was ok. He hadn't peed ALL DAY! He has not been drinking any water, hates the Pedialyte, and doesn't even want popcicles. Only all boobie, all the time. It's getting old.... a little, I mean my left boob is SO sore... and you know he's the one-sided exclusive nurser!

He's perfectly fine. Old Ass Ped. (whom, as I mentioned was MY ped. growing up...) is of the opinion that nursing Travis is comforting, but not "doing much nutrition-wise at this point."

Hmmm. Okay, and my kid has had 6 animal crackers, some yogurt, and a small amount of Mac 'n Cheese (which he hurled) TOTAL in 3 days. So, yeah, I think he's getting nutrition. Otherwise he'd be like, dying, and dehydrated!

Guess what? My birthday is Friday. AND, I now have a terrible headcold, and runny nose. AND? Our hot water hasn't worked all day, so I haven't had a real shower with shampoo, since SUNDAY! AND I started my period. So, in short, it sucks to be me right now!
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Anonymous said...

OOOOOoooo...don't you just want to smack those kinds of doctors across the head with a 2x4? They aggrivate me to no end! I hope the kiddo starts feeling better soon!

Mama C-ta said...

Yeah, no nutrition my ass.

I feel for you guys, get better will ya? And loving your new blog look.

Anonymous said...

Just had that headcold...sucked major. Still have remnants of hacking cough (not quite enough to solve the oil deficit, but close) and sinus sludge. Sick=Sucky!

Happy BDAY!!!!!