Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Martha Stewart, I am not!

So, yeah... I am waiting for the tow truck. Again. Because I am a moron. Of course. Somehow I made the battery die in Jeff's car. I thought I was turning the lights OFF earlier when I was in the tunnel. But apparently, he has running lights, and I actually turned the headlights on by mistake. And his dingy-thing that alerts you to such things is inoperative. What the Hell? I also failed to mention that this morning, his car was filthy. And his registration expired in May, yet the tag was not put on until THIS MORNING! It's JULY, people! (He has one of those plate covers, so it's a pain to actually undo it.) AND the left blinker/brake light was out. And has been for a month, I'm told. ANd when I asked him if he's been using his hand signals, he laughed at me. Seriously! So, after he put the reg tag on, I took his car to the hand wash. I had them give it a thourough ass-scrubbing - $27.00 later + $3.00 tip, it's beautiful. THEN, I went to the auto parts store (using my hand signals at every left turn!) and found the replacement bulb. The lamp fitting would NOT come out... 15 minutes later, I use the screwdriver to pry it out, and then I fixed it. But, it won't go back into the little housing now.... oh well. At least now the blinker/brake light works.

So, it's a clean-assed, Armor-alled car with shampood floormats, and working brake/blinker lights. It even smells like Pina Colada. But, the battery is DEAD. Because I am a moron.

Anyway, after it became apparent that Jeff couldn't leave the office due to a deadline, I called USAA. They said it was going to be an hour. So, I did what any self-respecting domestic, yet slightly crazy woman would do. I started to bake something. So, my apartment is permeated with the scent of banana raisin muffins baking right now.

That, my friends, is a Good Thing.
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Anne said...

you are totally martha stewart. i can say this with authority because my friends tell me the same thing. so HAH!

Rachael said...

Come clean our car please! We only have one car now and John is so messy it is just nasty. And Gavin spills his crackers all over. Gah!
I have left the lights on so many times its not even funny. Our Kia has a cool feature that the lights shut off after 10 minutes if you leave them on without the key in the ignition. So I am glad I will never have to deal with that.

holli said...

OMG - I don't think letting a car battery die removes you from the Martha category - I mean, you ended the posts with muffins for God's sake!!

I love your new banner!!