Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Car trouble

My car has had this weird, intermittent problem... If it's been raining, or it's too hot, it won't start. I mean, it will, just not right away. Sometimes it starts after a few turns of the ignition... sometimes it's 50, 100. It's a crapshoot,really. It's been happening on and off for about a year...

We had the starter replaced, and it worked fine for a couple of months. Then it happened again. This time they had my car for like 3 days... and they couldn't get the thing NOT to start. How can they fix it without being able to duplicate the problem, right? Well, it's been HOT here lately. 80's-90s every day, which, if you live in Vegas, you're laughing at me. I know, two digits isn't hot, I'm a wussy California girl! But for us, it's HOT!

I took Travis to Farmer's Market yesterday. We parked on the roof of the parking garage... and we were gone for a few hours. When we came back, my car wouldn't start at all. Not after like a zillion times. And it was HOT! SO I opened the windows and doors, and called Jeff. He came and picked us up. We debated calling our insurance, because it was SO hot, we didn't feel like waiting.

So, I put Travis' car seat in Jeff's car. We went home, had some beer. Chilled out a bit. Then we went back a couple hours later, and tried to start my car. Nope, nada. Okay. We called the insurance company. They arranged for the tower to come.

The problem is that the parking garage only had less than 7 feet of clearance. And, so, long story short... with the help of tow truck guy, Jeff pushed my car, and I steered, and rolled, down the entire 4 stories of the garage. With Travis buckled up - sitting in the passenger seat next to me, happily pulling the credit cards from my wallet. Yep, I felt a little like Britney. At least he wasn't in my lap, right? ;)

Anyway... it's fixed now, and it was only the stupid starter relay. A $15.00 part. $90 in labor. Jeez. Why is it always the little things that cause the most aggrivation?
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1 comment:

Rachael said...

Car problems are so shitty. I am glad it wasn't too bad of a fix. The las ttime our car broke down it was the suspension.
I totally let my kids drive on my lap. Don't you know all the best mom's do that?