Thursday, August 03, 2006

Time... and silk anniversary!

Ahhh.... where does the time go? Seriously... weeks just frickin' FLY by! My birthday (29th) is a week from tomorrow. I was only 17, like last week, right? Seriously... when I think that Jeff and I have been together for nearly 12 years!!! That starts fuh-reaking me out!! Just a little. Add into the mix that Travis will be two in just 3 short months? Absolutely terrifying.

So, um, yeah. That's where I am right now.

In tying in with the Silk Anniversary... LOL... actually, it's not our 12th wedding anniversary... it's our 12th year together. I think 9th wedding anniversary is something boring like pottery... but you get the point.

Anyway... I decided as my birthday gift to myself to get something I've been wanting. Something that is completely frivilous, and seriously impractical. Especially, since Travis is getting SO big... Especially, sice I already have a LOT of carriers... But...I am having a custom ring sling made. Not just any old ring sling. Nope. A two layer, silk dupioni, and silk brocade ring sling. A GORGEOUS, over-the-top dry-clean only piece of art, that with my mommy-uniform of jeans, thong sandals, v-neck t-shirts, and often unwashed hair - I have absolutely no business even wearing. But I'm going to anyway. So, there. :p

It's like a Zolo, but about $60-80 less expensive, even with the sewing and imported fabric. It's also going to be long, like my Oopa Chambray. (Even a bit longer, probably coming to below my knee.) It will most likely take about a month to get it completed, as the brocade is coming from overseas, but I am sure it will be SO worth the wait.

I ordered this as the main fabric:

and this is the brocade lining:

I found an unbielievable deal of only $6.75 a yard on this fabric!!!

Ahh, so purdyful! When I get the fabric, I am sending it to Jan @ Sleeping Baby. I wanted to make sure of the fabric's condition, and make sure the colors mesh - so that's why I'm not sending it directly to her from the fabric sites. And, this is IT! The last carrier I am buying. At least, until we have baby # 2, and if baby #2 is a girl, well, all bets are off! I mean, I will HAVE to buy a pink silk Oopa, it's like, a requirement! :)
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Anne said...

i luff the fabric!! How awesome for you!