Thursday, July 20, 2006

Crizzap & Scrizzap

It's been SO nice the last few days. Hot, and breezy.... just how I wish it were all the time! :) The Boy is entering hour 2 of his nap. It's FABULOUS! Normally, I'd be rushing evey few minutes to check his breathing. Okay, I've already done that. A lot.

But, I managed a shower with more than just a cursory shave. AND I used conditioner, and was able to actually wash it out of my hair. Completely. I know! Can ya belive it? :)

So, yeah. I also spent a good part of the morning on the phone with BLue*Cross. I hate those em-effers. Really, I do. They suck in the most suck-tastic way possible. My 36-month term with my $260 a month "Major Risk" insurance - due to my carpal-tunnel syndrome - is ending August 1st. They are disenrolling my arse at midnight on 8/1. BUT, I am GUARANTEED to have coverage on my own through Blue Cross. They HAVE to accept me because I completed the 36 month Major Risk insurance plan. Yay me!

But, it's getting late in the game, and I have heard jack from BC. WHen I called them, they told me I was accepted. Yay me again! But, since my BMI is still "too high" it's not $112 a month like I was quoted. Okay... what is it? $168.00 a month. Not horrible like $260, but not super-fantastic $112.00, either.

Then I asked if they had auto-debited the first month's premium from my checking account. Yes. But they took out $112. Not $168. Why?
Of course, they screwed up and enrolled me in the wrong plan, and I had to get that all straightened out. Yup. Lame ass Blue Cross. They signed me up for the $5k deductible instead of the $2,500 one. Super Duper Lame-asses.

BUT... if I can lose at least 28 more pounds and go to my doctor to document it, and keep it off for 6 months, they will re-evaluate me for a rate decrease. Hmm. We'll see. The way I look at it, if I lose a pound a week - that will mean 6 more months. That's going to be a year or so total, and I may very well be preggo again before that happens. Sigh.

Anyway... I did another digi-scrap layout last night.

I wanna EAT him up! :)
This one took a lot less time than the first one. Yay!
Uh, oh... I'm feeling an addiction coming on. Good thing I already have 2 gigs of freebies I've been downloading since last year. Otherwise I'd be getting worried about our account balance! ;)
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Rachael said...

Love it! I also love the new blgo design. You are a craft whore!