Friday, July 21, 2006

Baby lip....

I think today was in the cards to be lame. Travis woke up at 3:00 this morning... and didn't want to go back to sleep. We came out to the living room... I read to him, played some quiet music.... nothing worked. Finally, I just let him watch Zoboomafoo until he succumbed to sleep. Yup, at the lovely hour of 5:30am, just as you were all blissfully drooling into your pillows... we went back to bed. Bleh.

We got up at 11:00.... and I wanted to get out of the house ASAP... it's such a gorgeous day! (Again!) We finally got outta here noonish. I called Jeff to see if he wanted lunch... he was stuck working on a project. So, instead, Travis and I went out to eat by ourselves. We went to this American diner-ish place at the mall. Pretty good food, pretty inexpensive, etc.

After I ordered, I went to get a high chair... and it was all dangerous and wobbly. I told them about it... you know.... in case some other parent wasn't as vigilant, and trusted their dear child to that deathtrap chair. They finally found me another one from in the back... and then we sat down to eat. Travis would have none of it! He fussed, and backflipped, the whole toddler bit. Bleh, again.

So, I took him out of the chair, and sat him on my lap. More of the same shenanigans ensued. Finally, I gave up. I went to the front to ask for a to-go box. Travis spied some bananas they use for shakes, and was all like "NANA!" and with the sign and everything. I bought him a banana for a quarter, WHAT A DEAL! I was able to enjoy my lunch in realtive peace - save for him drumming on the plastic take-out box. Hey, lunch, and entertainment!

Afterwards, I wanted to go to the craft store. Basicaly we were wandering around the store, and he was happily playing with the Backyardigans beanies I gave him as a distraction. I had some Mickey stickers I was going to buy for him in the cart, and big-assed box of chunky Crayola washable crayons, etc. As I was looking at the 12x12 scrapbooks, he started getting antsy and fussy. Then BAM! Without warning, Travis did that tantruming toddler headbang thing right into the handle of the shopping cart. With his top lip. Blood started going everywhere. He was screaming, etc. I took a tissue out of my purse, and sat on the floor of Beverly's while he freaked out. I finally was able to tell that the blood was only coming from where his upper lip met the gum, and it was not a knocked out tooth, or anything seriously injurous.

I abandoned the cart post-haste, and tried to wrangle him into his carseat. Screaming, bleeding, swelling lip, 85+ degree vehicle. Yup, it was a pretty sight, I'm sure!

So we rushed home, literally 3 minutes away, and I tried to get an ice pack on his lip. He SCREAMED bloody murder. Okay, so maybe ice is not happening. His top lip was way puffy. :(
So, I called the pediatric office, and asked what to do.

She finally called me back, and she said ice (yeah right!) Tylenol (already there) and to watch him and make sure it's not pus-filled in a few days. Ick! Also, that it may turn black and blue. Poor thing! :(

Well, at least it wasn't right before our family pictures... that's happening in a couple of weeks, and he'll be good as new.
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