Monday, July 17, 2006

La La La...

Today was nice... we woke up WAY too early... Jeff had stupid Jury Duty. And I made scrambled eggs with American cheese. Travis refused to eat, although usually he shovels breakfast like a fiend.

We played, and he watched some shows... then we dozed on the ouch for a bit. I got up and played around with the new version of Photoshop we just installed yesterday. Travis napped for awhile longer... THANK YOU JESUS! :)

I am FINALLY getting around to starting with my digital scrapbooking (AKA digi-scrapping). I made my first layout today (from a kit, but I made some of my own elements, and I love the way it finally came out!) Being my first attempt, and that I'm still not 100% (okay, not even 75%) with PS... I'm sure subsequent things will take less time.

Anyway... we finally made it out of the house around 3:00. We went to our outdoor mall, and walked around... we shared a Cold Stone Banana Split Descision (sans chocolate, or nuts, adding caramel instead) and later I had a Non Fat Iced Caramel Macchiato. (Holli, the "Caramel Police" are gonna come after me, too!) :)

I bought a new pair of sandals, and just browsed for a bit. Travis was SO good! :) I'm really glad he was, too... 'cause if we have another week like last week... I swear, I'm gonna eBay the kid!
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Mrs. Flinger said...

Oh crap! Caramel poice? Running to catch up 'cause I'm SOOO in trouble. Yummmmmm. :-)

Love the digi-page!

Anne said...

the digi page thing is super awesome cool. is it something you buy in addition to the latest photo shop or what?