Tuesday, June 06, 2006


So... I have been running around like a madwoman for the last few days... Sigh. Saturday, spent all morning with B... we went and got our hair done, and I stayed with her while she was highlighted, and cut, etc. Sunday, we went to the waterpark, which was nice, and mostly relaxing. Yesterday I realized I needed to pick up some things for the Spa Gift Basket I'm making for B's shower... which is THIS SUNDAY.. I decided to call the Maid-of-Honor while I was at the craft store, to check in, etc. (Mostly to find out what she was slacking on!)

And - lo and behold!! She hadn't even begun the favors yet. Nope. Nothing, not even shopped for them... and no ideas, either. She's BARELY getting the games together. Once again...THE SHOWER IS SUNDAY!!!!!! Her excuse? "I've been busy, and haven't gotten around to it yet."

I said "Yet? Were you planning on wating until the end of the week?" To which, of course, she had no response.

Bleh. So, yeah. It's been great. So, of course it's once again up to me. But I told B about it, and she was certainly P.O.'d to say the least. AND THEN the MOH has the audacity to tell B she's frustrated with me?! Must be for making her look bad, heh.

So, um, yeah. I got the organza bags, and these little crystal-looking swans, and Dove chocolates, and printed out the tags, and tonight will be assembling them. So, cutting tags with the scalloped scissors, and hole-punching, and tediously tying every last one of the 40 favors. Yup, all falls on me, all by my lonesome.... or they WILL NOT GET DONE!

Sigh again. When this is all over, I am just going to collapse. Seriously, I am. Or at least get a little tipsy at the reception, cause B owes me that much, right?
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Anne said...

ok, man, you rule. You are so the MOH. What an idiot a-hole. She should have talked to you in the first place if she was needing help and running out of time. ugh. Well, you'll have to point your bride to be pal to this blog when it is all over so she can see how much you rule. Or I will. Whats her email? :)