Wednesday, April 26, 2006


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Rachael said...

Oh man I loved it! Especially the pictures of Travis as a wee baby. He was so freaking precious. I mean I of course have to think my kids are the cutest. But he definitely gives them a run for their money!
I also have to say that you are the most kick ass AP mom ever. You seriouisly give AP parenting a good name. Thanks for all the awesome advice you always give me!

Mama C-ta said...

Killer! Those are great pictures especially b/c I never saw Travis so young. And I love your Baby Hawk Mei Tai...I emailed them about wholesale to sell 'em and didn't receive a response :(

Mrs. Flinger said...

Ohhh, very coool! The boobie shirt is a riot. Very VERy cool!

I really want a Mei Tai. REALLY. Now I have to 'cause all the cool girls have one. :-)