Monday, May 01, 2006

la la la...

Yawn. I've had NO energy today. Bleh. And I'm desperately in need of a shower. Couldn't take one 'cause the water sling still needs to be laundered from swimming on Friday.
I had every intention of doing laundry today... but Travis had other ideas. He flipped out when I tried to put him on my back in the Mei Tai. Usually he LOVES to go on my back, he thinks it's super-kick-ass. But today? Notsomuch! So, no laundry, no shower... the dishes have piled up in the kitchen. I am feeling drained. From doing what, exactly? Certainly not cleaning all day, LOL!

So, tomorrow we go to the Ped. Dentist to assertain whether The Boy has a cavity. Hopefully it's just tartar.... but how the eff do they clean his teeth? I mean, the kid's scream can break glass. So, good luck to them. Heh.

Cross all appendeges that it's NOT a cavity, ok?

Travis is walking all over these days. I'm relieved, because it took him almost 18 months, but he's finally doing it. He's also figured out how to get into a standing position without "launching" off of some random piece of furniture, or our legs. He's also mimicking speech more. He said "walla" the other day while watching Baby Einstein when they showed and said koala. How cute, huh? He also says: "mama", "dada" "Bubba" (our nickname for him), "Baby" and "My Baby", "shh" (for fish), "dog" (he says it like dog-uh - enunciating the g, like I always do, LOL!)"Hi", "bye" and "ya ya" (for banana) He also does "muah" for kisses. Aww. He does these signs: diaper change, banana (he has a 2 banana-a-day habit..), bird, fish, dog, rain,and shakes his head "no".

I think it's sweet he's starting to talk now. We went to our friend's 2 year old's b-day over the weekend, and he's not talking as much as Travis, and not doing signs, either.

As for the weight loss front... well... I've stalled for the moment. Which is okay, really. I had the bridesmaid dress assessed... it already DOES need to go down 2 sizes... and that was the max the bridal store said it could be altered. So, as long as I don't gain in the next 6 weeks, I'm okay with it right now.

Next weekend is the Bachelorette Partay. I really need to get my ass in gear this week and make these candy wrapper favors I said I'd do. Bleh. Well, maybe I can sweet-talk hubby into "helping" me out with them. :)

We've decided to head down to L.A. for Memorial weekend. Should be nice.... I can't wait to get outta here for awhile. 3 days isn't a whole lot of time, but at least it's something.
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