Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Poor little man! The doc visit was traumatizing. For us both. Bleh.
He's only 22 lbs, 9 oz. He's only gained a pound in 3 months. But, I was told it's normal cause he's moving around so much.

I talked to the doc about my concerns... ie: not standing unassisted, and not walking at all. He cruises furniture a little, but that's it.

I was assured that he's normal, especially since he does everything else he should be doing at this stage.

He screamed during the eyes, ears, and throat check. He screamed during the shots, he screamed and screamed.... oh my, did he ever scream! I nursed him right after, and it calmed him down.

He had 3 shots, all in his arms. I was more than a little annoyed to find out AFTER THEY WERE GIVEN that one of the combo-vax was the varicella (chicken pox) vax. I was not planning on having him take that vaccine. Sigh. Oh well, hopefully it will be okay.

After his appt., we went to the mall. I bought Travis some Pretzel Bites with Cinnamon and Sugar to show him I love him and the doctor visit wasn't a punishment.

He's a nursing machine today! I mean, he always is, but especially today.
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Mama C-ta said...

Oh poor guy! I hate shots...but we do them too. Is the chicken pox the only one you were gonna skip? I'm sorry they snuck it in on ya. Has his eyesight been checked? I knew a few babies that walked late due to that (but he's not really "late" anyway), once they got glasses they were running in circles. I obviously have no experience so I'm talking out of my ass. But he does sound like he's doing great just like the doc said!

Give him a big hug for me for his appointment. Of course that can't compare to pretzel bites!!

Rachael said...

I second what Mama C-ta said about getting his eyes checked. Gav's eye doctor said he would have been walking a lot sooner if not for his bad eyes. They actually thought he might not walk until he gets the glasses. But they were wrong. He started walkign a few weeks before.
I hate the shots. They are the worst. They gave Gavin his Chicken pox vax at tweleve months and I didn't even know until after too. Not that I was going to decline it. In Utah you can't go to school with out it.
Gav digs the pretzel bites too. He has to have them every time we go to the mall.

Anne said...

aww! yeah, the docs will do anything and everything they want to because we are just stupis asses who don't know what our kids need. Sorry the shots were traumatic, I'd like to say it gets better least he's forgotten all about it by now!