Thursday, February 09, 2006

Thursday 13

Thirteen Things about My sweet boy!

1. He is the cutest, sweetest baby, ever!

2. He HATES having his diaper changed.

3. He loves showers, but hates baths.

4. He is left-boobed. Meaning he will ONLY nurse from the right side under duress. I am SO lopsided, it's not even funny!

5. He loves to have his teeth brushed.

6. He LOVES tortellini with parmaesan and butter. A LOT!

7. The only way he will fall asleep is by being nursed. Or, sometimes riding in the car, but not very often.

8. He's obsessed with the TiVo remote, drawers, the bathroom, the dishwaher, and dvds. He will close the swinging baby gate that barricades off the kitchen whenever it's left open.

9. He loves Annie's Graham bunnies, Ritz cracker dinosaurs, and Cheerios.

10. His favorite breakfast at a restaurant is pancakes. Mostly, it's breakfast at home... Yo Baby yogurt or oatmeal.

11. He loves his Mega Bloks, and his assortment of play balls Also, his Alien Head shaker egg.

12. He knows the baby signs for:
milk, bird, fish, "all done", diaper change, more, water, up, down, and book

13. He's the cutest baby ever... see?

I told you! :)

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Mama C-ta said...

He really is the cutest!

Mrs. Flinger said...

He *IS* cute, I agree. Even POSTABLE cute. I mean, seriously!

I think I'm skipping the TT this week. I'm LAME! I know. But I started it for next week so I'll be SURE to post! :-)

Vegimom said...

Have you tried holding his body under your right arm? I think it's called the football hold. Now that he is cruising, I wonder if you even care anymore, but myself am lopsided and my son is only 10 wks old. I keep trying to even out, but my brain is so hormonally-challenged I can never remember if I am feeding from only one side, or alternating, trying to stimulate the small side or emptying the big side. My only focus is -- Is he hungry? and Did he burp?