Friday, February 10, 2006

A Boy and His Tomato: A Love Story.

Last weekend we were picking up some produce at Whole Paycheck. It was the typical scene... cute little family goes to the cute little over-priced market and spends $17.00 on basil, and baby yogurt, and other assorted things....

Well, we were going through and I was busy getting brown basmati rice, and multi-grain pancake mix out of the bulk bins. I realize Jeff is sneaking The Boy "samples" of the Organic Animal Cookies... heh. Then I realize something else. Travis has a tomato in his hands. An underripe, roma, to be exact. Hmm.

"Did you give that to him?" I ask my husband, who realizes I've caught him pilfering $85/lb baby snacks. He sheepishly smiles and says "Yeah, but I waited until the lady that works here wasn't looking."

"No," I said... "That, did you give him that tomato?"

He realizes what I'm referring to, and says "No, I guess he just grabbed it while I wasn't looking."

We both watched our son, gloriously happy with snagging this tomato. The yellowish-red orb, the cool smooth skin, he licked it happily.

"Um, okay.... we'll let him have it. But we already have grape tomatoes in our basket. When we get to the front, we'll distract him, and let them have it back."

Yeah, right, mom.

When we got to the front I tried the old giving him mommy's water bottle trick. Works every time. Except, when it doesn't.

High-pitched wailing ensues, and the clerk barely had enough time to ring it up before he erupted into a full-blown fit. A tantrum. Over a tomato. So, we bought it, yes we did... the organic pesticide-free quasi-fruit set us back $.75. Well, it was worth it, because I had my camera in the car. I mean, as an adult, can you buy complete happiness like this, for any price?

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Anne said...

hahah! Their little hands are so adept at snagging things you never see until it is too late. At least he likes the 'maters. That is healthy goodness!

holli said...

I would say that tomato was well worth the price of admission - especially for a pic that cute!!!

Rachael said...

Oh I just laughed so hard when I saw that picture. He is so cute! I especially liked the "Whole paycheck" LOL!