Tuesday, January 17, 2006

3 down... lots to go!

I stepped on the scale this morning... for the first time since New Year's.... what did I see? :)

So, 3 more pounds down! Woo hoo! Between starting Sonoma on Sunday, more walking with the jogger, etc... yay! Also, something strange... this is in spite of old "Aunt Scarlet" visiting right now. So it is possible it's even more than that down!

I did get a Starbucks Light Caramel Frap, without the whipped cream yesterday. It's not on plan, but it's got Splenda in it, so at least it's not all that sugar and fat like my normal Bucks Frap, or Cinnamon Dulce Latte (3xs a week) You gotta start somewhere, right? :) Also had a Sugar Free Frozen chocolate Pudding cup while we watched 24 last night. Hubby had chocolate cookies and many Guinness (Guinni?) with James. So, yeah...gotta start somewhere!

Sunday I made this kick-ass pork roast for dinner with roasted peppers, onions, fennel, broccoli, garlic, etc. and brown rice for dinner.

Had some leftover pork and veggies in a wrap yesterday for lunch. I had red pepper strips, and celery with Laughing Cow Light cheese for snacks.

I had Kashi Go Lean for breakfast yesterday and today. Also made Chicken with Mushrooms & Wine Sauce and brown rice last night, and carrots (not on plan for this week, but bite me, I'm nursing a boob-addict!) Lunch today will be leftover Chicken from last night, probably in a wrap.

Tonight I am making Jambalya Style Chicken and Shrimp in the slow-cooker. So, I assure you, I AM eating! It's super-yummy! :)
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