Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Stuff 'n Things

I am officially a high-school graduate! :) I got my "actual diploma" today! AND a 2005 tassel. Travis just loved that! Better 10 years late than never... I actally finished everything in July, but for some reason the diploma paper was on backorder 'til now.

Went to Mom's Group today... got many complements on my Lucky Baby Sling.

The topic we were talking about today is the Effects of Television on Babies... all about the AAP reccommendation, zero TV before age 2, and how it makes their tiny brains turn to mush, etc... lalalala... Everything in moderation - INCLUDING moderation... that's what we say in this house!

Speaking of, my mom and I enjoyed a nice lunch yesterday on the Wharf. I had a Cajun-grilled salmon over mixed greens with a raspberry vinaigrette. Yummy! And totally Sonoma-friendly!

Today I had a HUGE grilled chicken salad with balsamic vinaigrette and a tiny bit of goat cheese sprinkled throughout. SO good! :)

The Jambalaya was a huge success last night as well... I did "cheat" by making jasmine rice instead of brown. Hubby's been so great about this new way of eating, so I knew it would make him happy. I figured, 1 day out of 5, jasmine rice is not gonna kill us! I had very little rice anyway. I also had a Sugar-free soy vanilla latte at Bucks yesterday. It was suprisingly yummy! :) Need to make sure I am eating enough protein, dairy, etc.... since I am nursing Travis so much still! I have had a carb serving at lunch most days, and dairy at dinner (glass of milk)- I don't want my milk supply to suffer! I weighed myself after my shower this morning... 1 more pound down! Unbelievable! I am working on another blog for the Sonoma Plan recipes I have tried. I will let you all know the link when it's up and running.

Going to the Chiropractor in a bit. My neck will thank me, I'm sure!
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Traffic Goddess said...

Congratulations on getting your diploma! I think that it is impressive that you did not give up and that you followed through on your goal...good job!