Wednesday, October 05, 2005

It's kinda like this....

Sigh... alas, the police department where I live sucks major balls.

The officer was unable (wtf??!) to determine who caused my car accident. What that means is... since I have no collision on my vehicle, I most likely will be responsible for the repairs to my car. Sucking more balls.


But you know, that's how these things go...

We had our first morning mommy-and-me class today. 9:30 am. Ugh. We went to Starbucks with Jeff and I got a plain old drip coffee with Splenda and Sugar in the Raw. Not as good as my usual Caramel or Pumpkin Spice extravaganza... but a lot healthier. Not to mention less expensive.

The class was nice, though. New teacher, some new faces, and a lot of old ones too. Some of the babes are already walking! Gads! Mine is not even figuring out how to crawl yet, not forwards, anyway. He does pretty okay backwards, but his preferred way of mobility is kind of a stretch paired with a sideways cartwheel/butt pivot kinda thing. He gets to where he's going - albeit slowly... At least it gives mommy a little more time to come between him and the dvd collection just calling to be pulled from the shelves.

Can't believe my little butterball is almost a year old already! Wow! Where has the time gone?
It's gone too fast. I need a haircut, a pedicure, and a massage. Maybe someone will give me one for Travis' birthday. Yeah, mommy's should get the gifts for the first birthday anyway! We're the ones that have done all the work! Between the 9 months of baby baking, and labor, delivery, recovery, flab, and stretch marks... then the sleepless nights, and the million diapers and thousands of hours spent nursing... and laundry, and everything else we do- we all deserve a week at CubMed! :)
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holli said...

The car things sucks - I'm going through the same thing RIGHT now.

Can i come to club med too???

Mrs. Flinger said...

Sorry to hear y'all are both having car trouble. I had a similar issue two years ago that JUST got settled. PAIN in the REAR, I tell ya.

Your starbucks drink sounds like my new, improved one, too. Trying to, ahem, cut calories and cost. Sucks, though. I miss my mocha.