Monday, October 10, 2005


Well, Baby Boy "got the download from baby central!" That's what we say when he does something new or nutty... He's crawling! Today Travis actually crawled! Forward! Many times! :)

I am so proud of him! I just ordered a bunch of child-proofing stuff from One Step Ahead last night... and not a moment too soon!
He also closed his bedroom door while we were in the hallway. When Jeff opened the door (slowly, and carefully) there he was - up on his knees, pressing against the door with his body, and smiling broadly! What a crazy little man I have!

We went to the in-laws on Saturday. I borrowed my Sister-in-law's South Beach Diet book. I think I'm going to try it when Travis is weaned. It sounds more like my style than Atkins or even Weight Watchers. I hate writing down everything I eat... seriously, I felt OCD or something when I've been on it!

We played our usual Texas hold-em. I was in until the end! Also for the first time ever! The last hand, I went all-in with the other two players. I had pocket 10s. Chris (my brother in-law's best friend) went all in with a pair of 7s. The other guy Willie (also a friend of theirs) was only with a 10 and 6, but he ended up making a flush on the river! We all thought I'd won... including Willie... at first he did't realize he'd made it... because there were a lot of hearts and diamonds on the flop. So that was pretty nuts!

Yesterday, we went out to brunch with my dad, and cleaned the apartment. Later, we went clothes shopping at Old Navy. We also went to Target to but stuff for organizing, etc. We also went to Toys R Us and looked at stuff for Travis' room. We bought him a Darth Tater for when he's older. (Mr. Potato Head in a Darth Vader outfit.)

Today I went to Physical Therapy. They did massage, exercises, and ultrasound/muscle stim. I've been having pelvic pain, lower back issues, and the like since I was pregnant with Travis. I figure, he's almost a year old, I probably shouldn't be having these pains still. A sit turns out, my pelvis is not correctly aligned on the left side, and I have weakness in my pelvic girdle and low back. It's due to pregnancy, lack of exercise, lalala, etc.

Hello? I have a crazy 11 month old baby! He requires my full and constant attention! How am I supposed to exercise? Apparently, she wants me to let him cry instead of carrying him all the time. Whatever, lady.
She also asked how much I was nursing, since I mentioned that I knew I still had hormones from nursing messing with my ligaments. PT Lady seemed genuinely shocked when I said casually, "Oh, I don't know... maybe around 10 times a day. I don't really keep track."

She said " On-demand nursing, then... Well, he's got you wrapped around his finger, doesn't he? He has to learn that he can't always have instant gratification." and then she added, "Aren't you feeding him table food yet?"
I assured her yes, I was. Then in the nicest terms possible, I suggested that she should do her job, and leave me to mine... mothering my child how I see fit. I love how just because someone had a kid or two 30 years ago, they think that they can tell other people how to raise their kids. Beotch.
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holli said...

Gosh - I feel your pain. I have osteoarthritis in my lower back and nobody to help tote the load with Faith.. she has nearly broken my back at times.

And childproofing.. a necessity - but a very annoying one!!

But how cool that he crawled forward!! YAY!!