Thursday, September 29, 2005

Cold chillin'...

Since my last post I have:

1. Called my very good friend and asked her to take thelemon cheesecake bars with her to the Mom's group. (Not before eating a stubborn one that was stuck in the pan. YUM!)

2. Been promised by same wonderful friend a Starbuck's coffee beverage of my choosing when she is done with said Mommy's group.

3. Talked to my insurance adjustor regarding my accident.

4. Scheduled a damage appraisal/photos to be taken of my car tomorrow morning at 9:30am.

5. Changed an EXTREMELY stinky poopy diaper.

6. Sprayed Bath & Body Works "A Perfect Fall" Apple room spray all through the house following the diaper change.

7. Moved Travis away from the dvd player and computer power button and my iPod charger. Hey, I though being sick was supposed to slow babies down!
8. Started chicken veggie soup in my slow cooker for all of us. (Including baby boy!)

9. Watched 3 episodes of Tivod "Martha" show. I like it a lot! :) It"s a good thing! I'm still working on the
oragami t-shirt folding trick.

So far, 'm not all that moved by the Martha Stewart Apprentice show... she's not mean enough. We all know there's a bitch in there just dying to come out!

So, that's about it... wonder if I can talk hubby into pizza delivery for dinner tonight? Wish me luck.
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holli said...

I've got to catch up on all my tivo'd Apprentice (regular and Martha version) shows.. before it's too late!!

Hey - the car insurance people were supposed to get back with me - like a month ago!! I hate dealing with that stuff by myself!!

Mrs. Flinger said...

Good job, Mommy! I love that feeling of getting all those random things done.

AND, did I hear STARBUCKS? Sweet!

Anne said...