Friday, September 23, 2005

You saw my blinker, bitch....

So I've broken my streak... 28 years without being involved in a car accident. Some stupid bitch hit me today. We're okay, though. My car door is pretty crunched, though. I was turning onto the street I live on... about 1/2 block down. I had slowed down from the speed limit (25) to make my left turn. I was using my turn signal. I am a freak about my signals... I ALWAYS use them - no matter what... All of a sudden I hear screeching brakes and heard and felt the crash. Then I realize it's my car that was hit. I pulled over to the side of the road. It was surreal. I checked my baby mirror right away.. Travis was still asleep in his carseat! Amazing,huh?

Once I figured out Tavis was ok, I got out of my car. I was shaking. The other girl (from here on known as Clueless Bitch) was already out of her car. I walked over to make sure everyone was okay. They were. She gave me this sob-story about how she had been driving one of her kids to the hospital for some neck problem. She had her 3 years old, and 10 year old in the car. Clueless Bitch was driving a 1990 Buick POS. Hey, I may not have the greatest car... but my 2001 Silver Neon is cute. And it's paid off... but because of that, I have no collision insurance on it.

Anyway, I asked Clueless Bitch whether she had insurance. She says she doesn't know. Yeah okay... well she said the car was given to her a few days ago, and she's in the process of switching everything over... whatthefuckever. So I get the non-emergency police # from 411 on my cell. I took a picture of her license plate with my cell camera, just in case she tried to bail. I called it in, and then call my hubby. His office is only a few minutes away, thank goodness. He was there in 5 minutes. I wanted to make sure Travis was taken care of while I handled the shit with the police. The cops took FOREVER! Like, as in nearly 40 minutes. Hello? Where are my tax dollars going, people? I know I'm a stay-at-home-mom NOW, but I haven't always been. Jeez.

So we gave our stories... and apparently Jeff overheard the Clueless Bitch saying that I veered to the right like I was parking at the lake, and she "didn't know" whether I signaled. Whatever. Why the hell would I do that? That's just freaking stupid. I think she was distracted and didn't have her attention on driving, and she hit me.

It seemed like the officers believed my version of the events. (Because I was telling the TRUTH) I never waivered from what happened. I stayed calm, and pulled together. (Having hubby there tending to the Boy helped A LOT!) Clueless Bitch changed her story a couple of times, including changing the part about which side of her car struck mine. It appears as though she isn't the registered driver of the car either. She had not called her insurance company to switch the coverage over to the Buick. Dumb bitch.

So, yeah... we'll find out in 7-10 days what the verdict is. The police report should be available then. I have Uninsured Motorist Insurance. Of course I do! I live in California... AKA Mexico del Norte, people. Half of the drivers here are uninsured.

Blech. I was having such a good day, too. But it's much better than it could have been. We're not hurt. Thank goodness for that. My car can be fixed... I just am SO glad my baby boy is fine.
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Anne said...

oh that is just CRAP. Thank GOD Travis is fine and that you are all okay. If the least of your problems is the car door got munched that's not too bad but I am furious with you about the CB. UGH! I hope the whole thing winds up in your favor, hon!

holli said...

Jeez Louise - I was just on Angela's blog typing out how proud I was that she put down in her 100 facts that she is a turn-signal user, because that is one of my biggest pet peeves.. come over here and see this mess!! WTF???

So now people not only DON'T use them - but they don't even LOOK AT THEM????

I'm just glad everyone is okay. I've had it with this turn signal crap. I'm calling a summit.

Michelle said...

So glad that you guys are ok. Isn't it amazing what the little ones can sleep through.
I had this happen to me a few months ago. Only, the ass rear ended me and said that he had insurance. Come to find out it expired that morning. He went and paid his bill right after our accident. He did end up with a no insurance ticket because there was no coverage at the accident time. Now I have to take him to court to pay for the damages.