Tuesday, September 20, 2005

All better!

Ahh... the sweet sound of a WORKING DISHWASHER!!! They came yesterday to install it... and this is the first time I've used it. It's lovely! :)

It's the small things in life, right?

I feel better... and so does Baby Boy. Apparently, my cold was manifesting in gastric upset for the poor little guy. :(

I gave him lots and of love and Gerber Pedialyte stuff... and he's great now. He's such a sweety! He started doing a tiny bit of crawling Sunday night. The only catch? It's backwards crawling. How funny is he? He's also become obsessed with the heating vent on the wall in the hallway. He'll go over to it and stick his fingers in the grates and move them to hear the noise it makes. I noticed this morning he's got a 7th! tooth coming through. This morning when I was feeding him something new for breakfast he was smiling because it was good. I said "Yum Yums breakfast, Travis?!" And he NODDED YES at me and smiled! How cool is that? I love him so much!

Going to go jump in the shower now while The Boy is engrossed in the Wiggles in his Baby Papasan swing. I don't know what I'm going to do when he outgrows that thing... he's close...
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Anne said...

yay for a working dishwasher and yay for more teeth!! I was amazed with Emma having 5 but your boys got her beat. at least for now :) ugh. There is a reason why I hate having my picture taken but you are sweet to compliment. thank you for not mentioning the tan lines, bad hair, and sweaty arsed face! hahahah!

holli said...

Working dishwashers and happy babies.. sounds good to me!!

Anne - you must stop. I will use my photography skills to capture you in all your glory next time if I have to take 196 pictures.