Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Colds blow

The last few days have rendered me usless. And crabby. I have a cold. Bitchass colds suck! I'm achy and have head pressure and sore throat, headache, etc.

My poor baby has watery poops because of all the vitamin C I've been taking. I'm laying off the C, see?

So, yeah. Lameness abounds. And my dishwasher is apparantly being replaced because of the leak it's been causing in the downstairs neighbor's apartment. Don't know when the new one will be here... Yay for new dishwasher! Boo For not being able to use it for the last week. I have lots of dirty dishes in the sink. I don't want to wash them by hand. I am lazy, and achy, and lame.

The End.
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Me said...

That was sheer quality!! very well-written....

Anne said...

oh crap! I hope you get to feeling better soon! Colds do really suck and summer colds are especially insulting.

holli said...

Oh Lord - I'm sorry.. and I remember living with my sister when we didn't have a disposal and this didn't seem to register with her.. she would just scrape the food off her plate and leave it.. and I would come home to a sink full of soupy MUCK!! I can sooooo relate. I really hope you feel better QUICK!!! The dishes (sadly enough) will be there when you do feel better.