Monday, May 02, 2005


I called a bit ago to check on the status of my car. The one that took no less than 430 cranks of the ignition before it started to drive it to the shop this morning. Guess what? You probably already have...

They can't get it NOT to start up! On the FIRST try!! How's that for ya? fuckityfuckfuckfuck!

So they're going to let it sit for a couple of hours and try it then.


The Asstard actually insinuated that nothing is wrong with the car, and it's merely something in my head that possessed me to bring it in.

Yeah, that's me... AFTER paying a trained professional a couple of weeks ago to correctly install the baby's car seat. AND THEN having to re-install it myself in hubby's 2 door tiny car yesterday. AND THEN the stupid LATCH strap didn't seem to be long enough to work. So, I had to maneuver it using the seatbelts. IN 75 degree heat! FOR MORE THAN 30 minutes! WHILE the baby was screaming! Later, I will have to put it BACK in my (LATCH-less) car. Yeah. I just do this shit because I'm bored, buddy....
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