Monday, May 02, 2005

Stuff, you know... things

So my car is in the shop for the second time in as many months. Damn it! My starter went out mid-February. I think it's the same thing this time. Why? Oh, I don't know... because
MY CAR WON'T START, that's why! So, I'm waiting for the garage to call me back to let me know for sure what it is... GRR! I don't trust them at all... it's the dealership garage, and they are known crooks. But, since we bought the extended warranty, it won't cost anything if it IS the starter. But they'll probably find a way to screw us out of more money. Bleh.

Anyway. Travis rolled over from tummy to back last night for the first time. He only did it once, and I think it was by accident. Usually he just wiggles his legs a lot, and hopes that will make him roll over again. So cute! Also, for the last several days his babbling has become more coherent. He actually says "Mama" but I know it's not on purpose.

It still makes me smile, though! :) He's decided his feet are better thn any of his toys, and takes great joy in putting them into his mouth. I can SEE where his two bottom teeth will be coming through any time now. So far, no pearly whites have appeared.

I apologise if my entries are becoming seriously boring. I never get a chance to update as cool things happen. When they do, I mean.

I love my simple family life, fairly free of drama and such. I'll take boring over drama-filled any day, thank you very much!

I downloaded Michael Buble from eDonkey. I've been listening to it today. It's cool, chill, loungish, kinda like Sinatra, or Matt Dusk.

I gained a pound back this week. Oh well. Baby Boy has increased his feeding frequency dramatically, and it's far more important for me to be able to continue to nurse him than lose weight right now. Still, 10 lbs in 3 weeks isn't bad!
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