Friday, May 06, 2005

MMM, berries!

Right now I smell so good! I want to eat my arm off! I'm wearing "Frozen Daiquiri" lotion from Bath and Body Works. It comes out Tuesday, but since I have SUCH a cute baby, they let me buy it early! :)

Samantha (a mommy from Parent's Place) and I have been hanging out for a few hours after PP on Thuraday afternoons. Usually it's the mall, Starbucks, and sometimes lunch. Yesterday she treated me to lunch at Chipotle's and a White Chocolate Mocha at Starbucks. (I watched her baby for a few hours on Wednesday while she had a job interview.) So, yeah! That was fun. We went to Gymboree, and tried tons of cute hats on our babes. I bouught Travers the Chamelian one, and a matching bodysuit. He's SO freaking adorable, I will have to post a picture in that outfit when I put it on him!

Anyway... my breakfast has consisted of 4 See's Krispy samples, and milk. I guess I should eat some real food now!

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