Sunday, April 10, 2005

Domestically Inclined?

Good morning. I have been up for over an hour already. Laundry calls my name! Today we're most likely going to stay home and clean. And unpack the last of our CDs.

Yesterday we went out and walked all day. PG was having their annual "Good Old Days" celebration downtown. We took Travis out and broke in his new stroller. I am loving it!

The state of my apartment, however? So NOT loving it! We need to fold laundry, do more laundry (and go procure more quarters for this task), need to vaccuum, dust, do kitchen (including inside of fridge... yuck!)and bathroom floors, clean bathroom, clean our room, and organize Travis' closet. Also need to do a storage run and pack up old carseat, bases, stroller, and clothes to go away for next baby. Need to assemble cubes for CDs, and declutter livingroom. Ick! If even a third of it gets done today I will be happy!

Spring cleaning? No, but with a baby in the house who hates to be put down, it's damned near impossible to get thisgs done during the week. So that leaves weekends, and usually we aren't in the mood to waste our weekends together doing housework. When we do, it's great! CLean house, and worth the effort. I wish I posessed the power like Jeannie in "I Dream of Jeannie" or Samantha in "bewitched" POOF! In a blink of the eye, or twitch of the nose, my house would be spotless all the time! :)

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