Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Politics, baby Signs, and Bumbo.

Ahh. It's such a nice day again here! You'd almost think it was summer time!

I realized I never finished with what we did this weekend....

After the Pub Saturday night, we went to Gramma's for Trivial Persuit. I think my team won... I don't know if we ever finished or not... I got pretty tired. Around 11pm or so, we packed up, and left, and talked for another 1/2 hour (politics) on the way to the car. Bob & Laura are libbies.... no doubt about it, but we agree on a lot more than either side once thought. We are pretty Libertarian about a lot of stuff... ie: drug legalization, prostitution legalization, and some tax issues. But there is also A LOT we disagree on. At least we can all have a respectful, though-provoking conversation without it turning ugly and personal.

We decided to meet for brunch in the morning (sans Gramma)at our favorite family restaurant.

We went home and I nursed Travis, and we watched some Tivod stuff before going to bed.

I got up early, and puttered around reading my daily blogroll, and such. Then Laura called and said they were awake early, thanks to some inconsiderate people at the hotel, so could we meet early? We got it together pretty fast... in about 20 minutes, and met them downtown.

We had a wonderful breakfast, and walked down to the Wharf. More political discussions... walked down the rec trail talking about issues like gay marriage, etc. very interesting to get an "insiders view" of what the "other side" thinks... not just the echo-chamber of politics and the idea (for them) that all conservatives are hick-right-wing-intiolerant-bible-thumpers, and (for us) that all lefties are elitist-non-moral-commie-pinko-bastards. Well, of course that's not what we all think... but you get what I'm saying... the rash generalizations most of the time prove to be untrue... but the bit about the sqeaky wheels and all of that... you know what I mean. Right?

Anyway... after all of that we went to Borders. We talked some more, and Laura gave me this article on Baby Signs. I told her I though it was strange timing, because the Mother's Group I just joined was talking about starting on it.

I heard about it a few years ago... and it sounded so interesting. My Uncle actually taught my cousin ASL when she was very young... so I know it works. She stopped signing when she learned to talk, but it served its purpose.

Laura bought me the Sign with your Baby set with book, DVD, and sign chart. That was so nice of her.... I just wanted the book alone, but they didn't have it. Then I found the whole thing and it was $50. I said I wasn't going to get it... not for that much. She offered to go in halvsies with me, but she ended up buying it since all I had was a credit card, and we weren't going to make them split the bill up between both cards... not that they can, most likely. She said I can pay her back, but it doesn't seem like she meant it.

I have to say I'm not at all into "hot housing" babies. I just think it would be fun to communicate with T.J. before he can articulate verbally. Like, Hailey right now... she'll be 2 in may, and still only says a few words. She gets so frustrated because she wants to make sentences but she only knows words... and if she could sign, it would be so much better for her mom and dad to understand her.

I'm not into drills, and all of that with flashcards... or anything. If it's fun for both of us we'll do it. If it becomes not fun, or frustrating, we won't.

Like, Travis loves his Baby Einstein DVDs. He's just started really watching them in this last week. But I'm not trying to turn him into some super-brainy-baby-prodigy. I just like to be able to say... make dinner, or something without holding him all the time. He enjoys them, we enjoy them, that's all.

We got his Bumbo chair last night from I had heard about it about 6 months ago, while I was pregnant... but sadly, they were only available in the UK or South Africa. Now they are available here!

He loves it! He can nearly hold his head up all the way. We've been propping him up in the corner of the couch with pillows, but he always flops over. He doesn't like being on his back or tummy. He wants to sit up. Whoever invented the Bumbo is a genius!
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