Tuesday, March 01, 2005

That makes sense....

Wow, two entries in one day! When did that happen last??

I got back from my Mom's Group at around 3:30pm. Last week I thought the other babies appeared, well... more advanced than Travis. He's a big boy, so size isn't the issue. These kids are all crawling, sitting unassisted, rolling etc. I was told it was a 2-6 month old class.

Last week (my first week) we did an infant massage class before the Mom's Group class. The massage class went over into the Mom's Group by about an hour. So, I missed all the introductions, etc. This morning I arrived a bit early to get a feel for who was there, intros, etc. I started asking the woman on my right about her baby, who was starting to crawl. She said she was 8 1/2 months old. And she made a comment like "Oh, I think so-and-so has the youngest baby in the group." I looked over to who she was pointing to, and it turns out the sizable young lad she was referring to was 6 months old! I said, "Well, my baby is only turning 4 months this week. I think I'm in the wrong class!" It turns it was the 6-8 month old class. I was, in fact, in the wrong class.

There was a mix-up in the office, and they told me the wrong room, but the right time. The new group is very nice, and I already know one person because she's a patient at Erik's.

Very cool. The guest speaker was talking about introducing solids, and when, etc. I think some of my questions made her nervous. Hehe. I read far too much....

On another note, happiness is a new nursing bra! Except somehow mine has smashed banana on the center near the underwire... (Me trying to eat while nursing...)
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