Thursday, March 03, 2005

Mommy Stylee

need to get myself together soon. I have Mommy Group in awhile, and ideally I'd like to leave the house by 11:30. Ha!

At least baby boy is dressed. Unless, of course he barfs like he's been known to do seconds before we depart to anywhere with no time to spare.

Yup.. it's clockwork I tell you!

I'm really liking my Moby Wrap!
We walked all over the other day... even on the beach where his stroller can't go! He likes it too, cause his big fat baby thighs don't fit into the Snugli anymore, and he hates the other front carrier I have... (I hate it too... it kills my back!)

I've elicited the funniest responses from people just from wearing him in it "Do you have a REAL baby in there?" (no, of course not... it's a FAKE baby!) to "Where can I get one of those?" Here ya go!
to "Is that baby okay? He looks squished!" (Yes, he's fine, thanks, and he had A LOT less room than this while he was incubating! Also, he's not upside down anymore!)

People are funny. I am one of those "AP" (attachment parenting) Mommies. I hate putting labels on myself, but that describes my parenting style. I'm not at all sanctimonious about what I choose to do, I just do it. I co-sleep, breastfeed on demand(even if that demand is in public! AND in restaurants!) I "wear" or hold Travis 18+ hours a day. I don't let him "cry it out" and I don't think I'm spoiling him. (I have heard it from well-meaning family members, including my own mother.) I am a stay-at-home mommy. We have never been apart for more than an hour on a couple of occasions. (He was at home with daddy, asleep.) I use disposable diapers, even though I originally wanted to use cloth. (too much freaking trouble, for me at least.... and I can't afford a diaper service.) BUT, I don't plan to breastfeed or co-sleep until he's 3. AND, I also have no problem if that's what you want to do.
I also don't care whether others bottle or breastfeed, or put their kids in daycare, or whatever it is that they want or need to do.

I just want to do what I feel is best for my baby and my family, and let everyone else do the same for theirs.
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