Monday, March 07, 2005

Crazy shrieking boy!

Travis is asleep in his swing right now. I woke up, and he kinda did too... I nursed him, and he fell asleep again. Usually his nap is around 10:30... but I guess it's gonna be screwy today. I should really be picking up the clutter right now.... returning things to their proper places... but I'm not. Ha!

Maybe he's exhausted himself. Silly boy... he started shrieking last night. Over and over and OVER again. Shrieeeeeek!! Smile... Shrieeeeeek!! Smile... That's how it went. The kind of loud piercing sound that breaks glass. Or makes mommies want to run away from home...

Usually he only does it when he's in the swing and wants out. But he was doing it in his Bumbo, on the couch, and in daddy's lap while he was watching "Tilt". He was doing it on the changing table and all through his diaper change. It's like he just realized he has lungs. Yikes.

He started doing it while we were sitting down to dinner last night. I couldn't take it anymore! I moved his swing in front of the television, put in a Baby Einstein DVD, and we ate our Panko and Pecorino fried chicken, au gratin potatoes and garlic green beans in almost complete silence while listening to the relaxing sounds of Baby Mozart.

Thank goodness for Julie Aigner-Clark. Dinner is saved!
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