Thursday, February 17, 2005

Human teething ring

My little guy is such a Punky Brewster! He's started to "chomp" down on my nipple while nursing! It hurts SO bad! Also, he'll be eating merrily, and then turn his head while STILL ATTACHED! Ouch!! Also, he's flat-out refusing my right breast during the day, and will only nurse on it while I'm laying down at night in bed. So, I called a LLL Leader and talked to her for awhile today. She thinks he might be teething. And that developmentally, he's at the point where everything is very intereting to look at so he wants to look around while he eats. Also, she said that my let-down reflex might not be quick enough for his liking. (Especially since he's getting all his milk from the one breast!) So, she told me to massage my breast while he's eating to stimulate the let-down. Also to try laying down with him during the day so he'll nurse on the right side as well. And to break his suction if I feel him starting to move his head. And to start teaching "nursing manners."

Yes, you heard that correctly. Teach Nursing Manners. To a three-month old. To tell him "No, that hurts mama!" And "No biting, Travis!" Whenever he does those things. So far, all that's accomplished is having him smile up at me with his big gummy grin every time I try to use those techniques with him. Yup, it's really working well. :)

Anyway, I'm going to go to a LLL meeting next week and see what there is to see...

I've spent way too much time on eBay today... useless Treasure Hunt. Grr.
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