Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Weekend part 1

This weekend went just wonderfully.

I got up early Saturday morning and threw in three loads of laundry before anyone else could get their laundry in. Yay! We only have 3 washers and 3 dryers, so it's a race during the week and evenings. I can't possibly carry Travis plus that much laundry up and down the 14 steep stairs we have during the weekdays when I'm home.

Then we had some waffles, and my dad showed up, as usual, unannounced. He shows up most every Saturday morning. I don't mind, but I wish he'd call sometimes. Jeff & I finished picking up the aparment and I gave travis a bath in the kitchen sink. He didn't cry at all!

Then I took a long shower and blow dried my hair and such while Jeff & daddy shot the breeze.

Jeff's Grandma showed up as planned, and we drove to the restaurant together. We met Jeff's mom & Bob and Sarah for lunch at the Fishwife in Pacific Grove. We had Seafood Alfredo with homemade linguine with crab, scallops, and shrimp. MMM!

Travis was a dream! He slept the whole time.

Grandma liked Bob a lot! That was great! She invited us all over for games and stuff Saturday evening.

After lunch we did the beach cruise, and then took family pictures at the waterfront.

We all came back here and looked at photo albums. Jeff's mom, Bob, and Sarah had not seen our place, so we gave them the tour.

Then Gramma went home, and we all sat around and talked, and then went to this British Pub my old friend Annie works at. I shocked her at work when I walked up to her outside on gher break with Travis facing forward in his Moby Wrap. We had Newcastle on draft and appetizers, and hung out.

More later... T.J. is hungry shrieking now!
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