Monday, January 31, 2005

No balls allowed!

Sigh.... it looks like another beautiful day on the Monterey Peninsula. Perhaps after jeff comes home for lunch, Travis and I will go to walk around the mall. We have a great outdoor mall here. All the stores are open around a courtyard-type landscaped walkway. It's really nice.

Anyway... we went to Carmel yesterday. It was very sunny and pretty. A lot of the shops are closing or have closed! Rent must be through the roof there.

Travis slept most of the time, and we got sandwiches and ate at the park. The sign outside the park had dogs with the line through them, and a sign that said, "No skateboarding, biking, frisbee playing, or ball-type games in the park"

WTF? I understand the no dogs thing... although Carmel is one of those places that has restaurants where you can eat outside with your dogs, and some even have doggie menus. Also, Doris Day's hotel The Cypress Inn allows you to stay with your dogs, and they have doggie beds, and doggie treat bags each night. But, no pooches in this park.

What's with the no frisbee playing or ball-type games?? Jeff joked that if you even engaged in a game of "pocket pool" you'd be ejected from the park. That prompted a string of humor, us bouncing funny things off each other... like saying if you HAD balls, you had to leave the park. And this little girl was learning how to ride her bike on the grass in the park with help from her mom, and Jeff said "That's it, I'm calling the cops!"

Travis woke up, smiling... and then he got the hiccups. Only one cure... to feed him.
But, I decided that if we couldn't play frisbee, or "ball-type games", then breastfeeding in the park may also be out of the question. I opted instead to nurse Travis in the car... LOL!
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