Saturday, January 29, 2005

Giggle pie

In the last week Travis has started to laugh... he's really ticklish! It's the most adorable sound I have ever heard! He also moved into size 2 diapers last Saturday. (Still a little big, but the Swaddlers tabs overlap... making it so much easier!)

He's started sleeping through the night... good and bad, since I wake up leaky and painfully engorged every morning. I DO feed him in the middle of the night since I always wake up to pee around 3 or 4am. But he stays asleep while he nurses. And he doesn't wake up to eat anymore at all.

In the evening around 9pm he gets super-fussy. He wants to lay on the couch alongside me and nurse like we do in the big bed. Once we do, he's perfect, and falls asleep. But the other night we were @ Jeff's Grandma's for dinner during that time, and he was SO mad. So, he's getting his routine down.

We finally returned the Blue Jean Teddy crib set Jeff's mom bought us. It was cute, jut not "us." We bought a baby Pooh one instead. It's SO cute... now if only baby boy would nap in his crib....
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