Wednesday, December 15, 2004

So Big!

Dearest Travis:

It baffles me that you are already 5 weeks old. I can hardly believe it. Of course, I can still hardly believe that I'm someone's Mommy so that shouldn't suprise you much.

In the last week you have:

~ Developed the most adorable baby fat rolls. Your thighs, neck, wrists, and the back of your knees beckon for thousands of kisses and nibbles. Yummy chubby cuteness... your daddy and I can hardly keep ourselves from eating you up.

~ Decided you hate to sleep on your back. And especially not on your back in the bassinet. You know what they say about not being able to spoil babies before they're 3 months old? I'm not so sure. You are almost constantly being held, and you sleep for hours on end on your tummy laying my chest, or your daddy's, and you absolutely won't fall asleep any other way. Unless you are in your swing or carseat. You are a booger at night. Your last feeding before bedtime in your belly, you are fading fast, or maybe even asleep. Then we put you in bed... and you start with your "Flipper" dolphin sqeaking, and your eyes fly open and we have to scoop you up and pat your back while you lay on one of our chests, and once you drift off, we slowly - ever so slowly - roll you off and onto your back in the space on the bed between us lest you awaken and the cycle starts again.

~ You have decided that you will not take breastmilk from Daddy any longer from the bottle. We will revisit this at a later time... because inevitably Mommy WILL need a break, and you will have no other choice.

~ You have given me and daddy what we believe are your first "real" smiles. Your eyes light up, and you flash us your wide-open mouth, gummy toothless grin. We melt inside.

~ You have learned that your hands are, indeed attached to you... and they are yours to control. You almost never keep them still... you sleep and your hands flutter near your face like you are conducting an orchestra in your dreams, or you have them by your sides, and you move your fingers like you are playing the piano.

~You have realized how to make that adorable baby sound. AhhAHHaah.. .where you raise your voice an octave and make that baby noise from that Aaliyah song.

I'm sure there are other things... but I can't think of any of them right now. I love you so much!

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