Tuesday, December 21, 2004

6 week check-up/ Xmas prep

Hi ! Well, we are finally getting our Christmas cards mailed out today. We got the photo cards done at Costco yesterday, and Jeff's picking them up now. All the envelopes are addressed and stamped. We had a great picture taken of all of us this weekend in San Francisco. We're at the Golden Gate Bridge lookout. It's so cute! I will post to the picture site. Jeff's going to help me update my template (I'm not pregnant anymore!) and also give me a refresher on uploading via FTP to his servers for image storage. Then I won't have to use these online photo albums anymore.

I have a terrible headache. I guess I'll break down and take Advil. I wait as long as I can because I don't want to take anything while breastfeeding. But I really need some, so I will take some.

Jeff's car was broken into Sunday night. They rifled through his glovebox and console, but it doesn't look like they took anything. We had to replace the drivers side window, though. Merry Christmas.

I can't belive people. We live in a nice and I thought crime-free neighborhood. Why can't we park in our parking stall without being messed with? Lame. Last time we had a window broken was in 2000 right after the election. (Also in December, actually.) We had parked at the mall right in front, and we had a Chevy Silverado truck, and we still had our Bush-Cheney sticker on it. Someone was mad enough to take it out on our window.

People can surely suck balls sometimes.

Tomorrow Travis goes to his 6 week check up. I think he has to have a Hep-B shot, poor baby. At least Jeff's going with us. He might have to hold my hand while I cry... :(

I am doing my annual Holiday Baking Extravaganza! Tomorrow and Thursday. A little less lavish than previous years have been, for sure. Usually I bake no less than six different types of cookies, as well as fudge and truffles. Last year I made: Mint-chippers, Two types of Macaroons, Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing, Candy Cane cookies, Russian Teas cookies, peppermint bark, fudge, and two different varieties of truffles. This year I will make 3 types of cookies, Mint-chippers, Russian Tea cookies, and Chocolate chewies (a new recipe using cake mix) and fudge and my original truffles.

Email me if you want my recipes.

I am more than happy to oblige.


Later guys... gotta go and feed my lovey sweet boy.
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