Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Christmas baby, and shopping

By late afternoon yesterday my headache was into full-blown migraine mode. I went to see my chiropractor at 6:00pm, and threw up in the Costco parking lot around 7:00pm, and by 8:30 it was completely gone. Cool, huh?! Duh, not the vomiting part...

Today T.J. had his shots. :( Two in each of his little butt cheeks. He was very, very mad about that. I almost cried myself. His 6 week stats are: Height: 23 1/2 inches long
Weight: 12 lbs 2 oz... he's in the 95th percentile for each!My little guy loves Mommy's Milkies!

We went to the drugstore immediately following to obtain some Infant Tylenol. We must have looked like SUCH the new parents... discussing the merits of name-brand vs. store brand, and whether little Travis would prefer the grape or the cherry flavored. (After speaking to the pharmacist, store brand won out at $3.00 less than the name brand, and we decided that T.J. would like the cherry best.) I gave him some at around 1:00pm, because he was screaming in pain he did like the cherry... and within a few minutes he was zonked out in his carseat. He's been pretty ok... I went out to my old office to show him off to some friends who hadn't yet seen him... they're moving 3 hours away in a couple of weeks.

Also, we went the mall (I know I'm crazy!) for a couple of hours, and he cried a fewtimes for non-hunger reasons. I just took him out of his stroller, and held him, and he fell asleep within minutes.

I bought 4 pairs of fleece cargo pants for the babe - two pairs 0-3, and two pairs 3-6 month size for $4.24 TOTAL at Gap Kids. Can you believe it?? I was told by the cashier that each pair was marked $13.99 yesterday, and I bought all 4 pairs they had. Two khaki, and two army green. Deal of the century, people!

For my Christmas present to me I bought 3 bottles of OPI polish (they were buy 2 get 1 free) I bought "Taupe-less Showgirls" which is a goldish taupe color, "Malaga Wine" (one of my faves), and "Altar Ego" which is a shimmery opal color, and a Biosilk hair trio with shampoo, conditioner, and glossing spray.

As my Christmas present to you... if anyone would like a gmail invite, I have ten available. Imagine... you could be the first of your friends with a nifty email address! Just leave me a note with your current email address, and I will sent you an invite. It's great... no ads, no spam in your inbox , and FREE!

Well, Travis is awake and hungry! See ya later!
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