Thursday, December 30, 2004

Our first "FAMILY" Christmas

can't believe this year is almost over! Aaak! It just keeps going by faster each year... next time I blink, Travis will be in kindergarten! Ok, so I exaggerate a bit... but jeez, know what I'm sayin?

Christmas was great. Better than great, actually. We got our Christmas photo cards done, and they turned out wonderfully. After a bit of familial deliberation, Jeff and his Grandmother decided it would be a good idea to send his estranged mother of 5 years (her own doing... a LONG story involving drugs, co-dependency, and forclosure on the house we should now be living in...) a card. With a letter, of course... letting her know the family was ready to make amends if she was, and stuff like that. (It was much more eloquent than that, I assure you!)

We also threw caution to the wind and sent his father in NH a card as well. He hasn't seen or heard from him in 15 years or so. So a card was sent with a very matter-of-fact letter... (By the way... you're a grandfather...) Also, much more eloquent than my summation.

We received a phone call at Gramma's on Christmas day from Jeff's mom. And his 17 year old sister, whom we love very dearly... sadly she's had to have been a part of all the past drama.... long story short, they're coming down this weekend to see us.

Jeff also got a very nice email back from his father... completely suprising since we weren't expecting even a "fuck you" from him.... wonders never cease.

It's amazing how a tiny new life can bridge the gaps of years of strife... isn't it?

Sometimes the best gifts aren't the kind you can unwrap.
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