Friday, November 05, 2004

Nesting away

Sigh. It's getting so close! I had a chiro adjustment today... I feel a little better. Lower back was killing me all night. I could hardly sleep. It's bad enough that the last part of pregnancy you have to pee every damned 30 minutes, and the heartburn... and the light sleep thing... but pain on top of it sucks.

I am stocked up on meals for after baby comes. So, I'm nesting away... Do I spend the day scrubbing the walls, or cleaning from top to bottom? Nope. Do I spend it making sure the baby's room is just right? Laughable... since that's where all the boxes of unpacked stuff are stored. Nope... I spent today cooking....and cooking, and cooking. My chest freezer has the following:

(2) Home made lasagnas, plus one in the fridge!

(2) Batches of Pasta meat sauce, enough for at least 2 meals each
(Jeff could eat pasta for every meal!)

(1) batch of seasoned ground beef for Burritos

(1) Chicken pot-pie style casserole with lots of veggies

(3) 1 lb each meatloaves

Plus we went to the store last night and stocked up on snacks for me, breakfast stuff, sandwich fixings and the like. At least we'll be covered for the first week or so and after that we still have stuff in the pantry for simple things like tuna casserole, and mac n cheese, etc. Hopefully I'll only need to send Jeff out for bread, milk, etc.

We really want to minimize exposing Travis to populated places for the first few weeks... flu season is upon us... and Costco is no place for a newborn. Shopping cart handles are my new phobia. I always see fathers who let their toddlers chew on the handles. The germiest places on earth!! Ick. Whoever invented those shopping cart covers deserves an award. That and anti-bacterial hand gel. I have Jeff even addicted to it. We have it in each car, and I carry it in my purse. Bath & Body Works makes the yummiest ones. :)

That's me... germ-obsessed mommy already. :) Well, we do what we can... I swear I will never be the type who picks up a dropped Binky from the ground, puts it in my mouth and hands it right back to the baby. That's just wrong.

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