Monday, October 11, 2004


Have you seen these hideous things? Boobahs?? They look exactly like easter-egg colored uncircumscised penises!! (With eyes and genital warts!)We saw the terrifying toys at Costco yesterday, and they MOVE, and you can pull the fur around their neck down and expose their penis-head heads! I was horrified! I pointed out their shocking resemblance to penises to Jeff, and he stood there slack-jawed for a second and then exclaimed "You're RIGHT!" and then proceeded to feign fellatio on the purple one. (

I love that man!

Further research shows that they were "created" by the same sicko who came up with those Teletubbies. And the show is aimed at pre-schoolers! I can't believe that! We are SO previewing any TV shows before Travis watches them!

On another note... we saw a sneak-peek of Team America World Police. SO. Fucking. Funny.
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