Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Dr. appts...

So Saturday is M day... moving!!

I went to the Dr. today... actually, his partner - my Dr. is on vacation. I called my Dr. this weekend because my feet have swollen up to three times their normal size! I have borderline high BP, so he wanted me to go in today and "Leave a urine specimin and check your BP" ok, simple enough. In and out, right? Wrong. The receptionist said I would need a full appt, and I was waiting there for nearly 2 hours because his partner was backed up... He said no protein in my pee, good! BP was 150/85 (not so good, but not horrible for me, either.) But he sent me in for labwork. Ick. They took 2 vials of blood, and pee. They're doing a urine analysis and platlet count, and a metolbolic panel.

I was also told to rest and elevate my feet as much as possible. Twist my arm...

We'll see what happens. I have to go in tomorrow for another BP check, and keep my regular appt Friday morning with my Dr.

We also went to preregister for the hospital today... so worse case, and they induce me this week, at least that's all taken care of!

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