Thursday, October 14, 2004

Tick tock....

Travis has had the hiccups three time since I woke up this morning. Poor little guy.

So yesterday my BP was a little elevated, no protein, and seemingly no bad lab results as the Dr. didn't call me back. He said he would if there was anything to worry about. No news is good news, right?

I go to my regularly scheduled OB appt. with MY Dr. tomorrow morning at 9:30am . My ankles are still swollen, but not nearly as bad as they were. They're going to so an ultrasound to make sure the little guy is indeed head down. (Please! Please! Be head down!)

Then I go to my chiro appt at 11:00am , and they are showing the house at 1:00pm, and we go pick up the moving truck at 3:00pm, and go sign our lease agreement and pick up the keys to the new place at 4:30 tomorrow afternoon. Whew! That's gonna be one busy day!

So when Jeff gets home tonight we're going to tidy up the house a bit, so that it's in showing condition... touch up the bathrooms, and sweep the kitchen, and stuff like that.

The roommate is home sick today. Ick. If he breathes on me I WILL kill him! Jeff and I stared spraying Lysol anytime he walks through the common areas of the house. Lots of antibacterial soap is being employed, believe me!

I can't wait for the few remaining days where Jeff and I will be all by ourselves in our new place! (And then with Travis, of course!) But, no roomate, no other person to get us sick, or eat our food, or just generally annoy the hell out of us. At least with a baby, you have the bonus of a cute snuggly little doll baby who loves and appreciates you taking care of them, and shares your DNA. You know? It does make a huge difference!

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