Friday, October 15, 2004

Ready for launch!

Yay! I went to my Ob appt. this morning. My bp is still a little elevated, 140/85 but I've lost 7 lbs since Wednesday! I had previously gained 12 lbs in 2 weeks, due to all the swelling and water retention. So a 5 lb weight gain in 2 weeks is a LOT better than 12 lbs! I knew it was water weight, because I can barely eat anything anymore. My stomach is so full of baby, there's hardly any room for food!

ALSO, he's turned head down, and ready for launch! Woohoo! I was pretty sure he wasn't breech anymore because I always feel kicking and moving right below my ribs. What I have been suspecting all along is his kneecap most likely is his kneecap. It's so weird when it moves, in in little circles under my skin!

My chiro adjustment was SO nice! I really needed it!

I am now waiting for the Property Management people to come and show the house. They'll probably be here any minute, but last Friday the person they were going to show it to flaked out. We'll see.

Just need to finish packing tonight... the closets, and kitchen, and under the bathroom sink. We go pick up the keys at 4:30 to the new place. :)

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