Tuesday, October 19, 2004

We're moving in, baby's moving out!

We're about 90% moved in, and 20% unpacked. Ok, 15% unpacked.... :)

Sigh. I love the new place. No obnoxious neighbors, nice neighborhood. Close to everything. Yay!

Went to the Dr. this am for my regular weekly check-up. Baby is great. I found out I do have Strep-B, though. No big deal since they treat it with antibiotics during labor. I go back Thursday to check in regarding my BP... it was 150/90 this morning. Grr.

Did a non-stress test, passed with flying colors. He wasn't moving at first, and then the nurse used this buzzer thing, and he jumped! Cute! Oh well. He's consindered term now, so I'm not too worried if they have to induce cause of my BP.

I've also had a TON of Braxton-Hicks contractions over the last week. And the baby does this thing where he balls up on one side of my abdomen under my ribs. It's like his butt or something is sticking out. It's cute and round, so I think it is his little butt. It's funny, and a little uncomfortable, but I like it. So, anytime now... I should be packing my hospital bag, and unpacking boxes... but I am so tired I think I'll lay on the couch instead. :)

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