Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Bags are (almost) packed!

Bags for the hospital are almost completely packed. I have most of my stuff, less the going home outfit for me, and clothes for Jeff. All of baby's stuff is packed. More stuff than I'm sure he needs, but oh well...

Yesterday when I went in for my twice-weekly ob appt, my BP was 150/100. Holy batshit, Robin! No protein in my pee, apparantly no swelling in my brain, and the non-stress test was A-okay.

Also, I had an owie-full internal exam, cervix is thinned a bit and shorter, but no dialation yet.

I go in tomorrow, for another NST, and such. my Dr. mentioned inducing as a real possiblility... although he'd prefer me to start dialating on my own. I agree. I don't want a C-section unless I really have to have one!

So, it looks like I could have thus kiddo much sooner than I thought. (Possibly this week!) Woah. Well, I'll keep you all informed...

On another note, we took Mr. Kitty over to my dad's last night. They're getting along famously. I'm glad. My dad lives in a studio apartment so I hope they stay friends. Also, he's not allowed to have pets. Oh well, rules were meant to be broken, right?

Also, I bought Travis a santa hat today. It's a set that comes with a hat, a bib and booties. SO cute! I'm a sick, sick lady! :)

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