Thursday, October 07, 2004


It's certainly Fall, allright. Yep. Something just feels Fallish. Sigh. I painted my toenails today!! You know you're damned impressed. They are even a nice Fall color... (OPI "Russian to a Party") and I am going to wear my brown suede thong sandals to lunch with my mom. It was a feat, though! (No pun intended) Picture me, 8 months preggo, naked and still wet from the shower,leaning over the bed with one foot propped up on a pillow. I did a pretty good job, IMO, if you don't count the polish that got on my sheet when I turned my foot sideways. Ha!

I also found manna from heaven. Well, at least to me it is! I was packing cosmetics up, and chucking away the old stuff. (3 year old Urban Decay eye liner, anyone?) I found at least three of those purse size bottles of Sephora Note Coco! Unopened! My favorite! AAH! I love it! They discontinued that scent almost two years ago, and I am running dangerously low on my stockpiled supply of shower gel that I bought from eBay. I love me some eBay. Yeppers.

Anyway... time to go now and lunch with my mom. Let you know how that goes. :) Wish me luck!

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