Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Decisions, decisions....

Sometimes I just have to laugh. The Universe does things that simultaneously baffle and amuse me.

We got a phone call yesterday afternoon at lunchtime. From the new owner of the condo that we were originally supposed to move into. He wanted us to know that if we were still interested we could have it, and sign a year lease.
He gave us the code to the lockbox so that we could go by and look at it again.

We did just that, and decided that the other apartment is the one we're going with.

We parked at the place we put the deposit on, and walked to the beach in less than 10 minutes.

Also, it's bigger than the condo, and the kitchen is MUCH better, with more cabinets, and it's open to the dining area via a breakfast bar. There are more windows, and no one above us, and only one neighbor next to us. There's more storage, and only one bathroom to keep clean. The location is better. A short walk to the beach, and a block from the park and a lake. Sure there's no pool. But then again, the condo had no dishwasher. With a new baby, that's SORTA important!

We can't have DirecTV, but we'll manage with Digital Cable. We'll sell our DirecTV TiVo and get a stand-alone model. No big deal.

I think we were given the opportunity to choose between them both, because we really appreciate now what we'll have. Weird how things work out, huh?

I go to lunch with my mom on Thursday. I haven't seen her sine my b-day lunch.

She's going to try and help me find a home for Mr. Kitty. Yep, it has to be.... the new place won't let us have pets, and we talked about this long before anyway... I'm sad to have to do this... I've had him 6 years, since he was a teensy tiny sickly kitten. Now he's a fat, sassy old gato.

But, he's also bastardly. He bites and scratches if you do something he doesn't like. (Which usually is only petting him! He'll go from purring to biting and scratching in no time flat.) He sheds a lot, and is not a cuddly kitty.

I don't know what would happen with the baby if he pulled his tail or something like kids do... Jeff and I both have scratches, and scars from this cat.
So, my mom is going to ask around church and friends and see if someone can take him.

I hope a little old lady adopts him so he can spend the last years of his life a spoiled rotten brat. Sigh. I see him right now, curled up asleep on the old couch - which he's shed all over and shredded with his claws, even though he has a 3 story kitty condo to himself! He's blissfully oblivious to all the stuff going on.... the packing material and boxes everywhere... the baby about to be here, but he hasn't a clue. I feel bad... but it will be better for us and better for him.

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