Wednesday, September 22, 2004

We have a place to live!!

Woohoo! That's sorta important, you know? It's the nice apartment we looked at the other day. The townhouse, as nice and modern as it was, was just too frickin small. The apartment is across from a lake, and right by a park. That will be nice, once Travis gets here.

I like the apartment because it's largish, and on the corner, so it has lots of windows. The bedrooms are HUGE!

We already dropped of the deposit, and stuff. So we move in about mid-Oct. I wanted to be in somewhere a little earier, but it works. (As long as Mr. "Travissmo" stays put until he's due!)

So, sigh. Yay! I'm glad that stress is over with. The moving, packing, baby having stress remains, but thats positive stress. Right?

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