Sunday, September 12, 2004

Getting ready! (or Holy @#%& this is really happening soon!!)

We bought some hangers for Travis' clothes at Target yesterday. I spent today hanging the new outfits up, and laundering the clothes with no tags. ie: eBay purchases, resale stores, new socks & blankets, and also things given to us by friends secondhand. Baby clothes are SO tiny! I fit SO many outfits into the washer, and it only filled up a medium sized load! Aww.

I cannot believe that I am laundering my BABY'S clothes! It is coming so fast, I can't believe it! Travis moves so much more forecefully now. We were laying in bed this morning, and he was going to town on that spot below my right rib. He loves that spot! Jeff's hand actually got pushed up a bit from the force of his movements. As I was reading my new Parent's Magazine this afternoon in my recliner, I could see him moving around through my clothes- punching, kicking, or whatever it is that he does in there...

It's very sweet! I am getting a tiny bit anxious about the inevitable hospital trip... I have never been a patient in a hospital requiring anything more than an ER trip. I stayed overnight once, but that's when Jeff had an emergency appendectomy.

So, that will be a strange new experience! It's like a few night's stays in the most high-tech, expensive hotel on the whole Peninsula, right? :)

The BH Contractions are beginning to get on my nerves. I keep reading that they're painless. Well, they are a bit painful, or at least mine are. I feel like I'm getting squeezed really hard in my stomach, and that I have stomach cramps at the same time. Kinda when you're really gassy, but nothing is escaping. I don't like them!

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