Friday, August 20, 2004

Good morning!

Jeff and I woke up early this morning. He got paged about a server that went offline at around 6:00am and got up to restart it.

We both were awake, and cuddlly, and then we made love. For the first time in months, actually. I've been very uncomfortable because the baby is so low in my pelvis. and we've been super careful not wanting to hurt the baby. I say this because in the last pregnancy we made love all the time, and I had a miscarriage. Not saying that those things are related, but we want to make sure everything is ok. Also, I had spotting at 4 months, and it scared us to death. Just being very gentle and careful, that's all.

Afterwards, I rolled over on my left side and was thinking about going back to sleep. Travis had other ideas. He started kicking up a storm. HARD! It was enough to make me change positions, and roll over on my back. I put Jeff's hand on my side where Travis had been kicking. He finally felt it! It was so cool! We lay in bed awhile and Jeff closed his eyes and just felt his baby kicking away.

Jef felt Travis for the first time Wednesday night. Not a kick, but a push. He had his hands on either side of my belly, and could feel a small bump. We call them "baby parts..." anyway, he pushed gently on the "part", and Travis pushed back! It was so cute!

It feels so neat to know that Jeff can finally feel his baby boy. :)

Anyway, a few minutes later we decided to get dressed and go to Denny's for breakfast. We left the house before 7am! It was nice, having breakfast, and going to Starbucks for coffe afterward. And then to work. We should do this every Friday! :)

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